About Treatment Diaries

TreatmentDiaries.com is a unique healthcare platform and online patient community built at the intersection of personal health, privacy, and social communication. Individual patients, caregivers and health advocates from around the world connect on Treatment Diaries to share their journey and bring personal insight to resources, treatment options and outcomes. The platform now serves as a way to bring personalized adherence, compliance and disease awareness materials to patients in a way that brings each individual closer to the center of their care. Treatment Diaries believes sharing health experiences can help lead to improved adherence and better health.

This platform is free and always available; offering a safe place to anonymously keep multiple diaries of your daily journey, across more than one condition - either privately or shared out with others, allowing for shared coping strategies, support for others and the exchange of information. TreatmentDiaries.com is dedicated to the needs of ALL types of users including; individual patients, caregivers, family members and advocates. We promote the importance of keeping a diary of life changing experiences and the significance of engaging in behaviors and activities which promote health, mental wellness and the self-management of chronic conditions.

Real medical experiences…Real people…Actual treatment insight.
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