Cancer Discussion Group

A cancer discussion group serves the needs of those newly diagnosed, living with cancer, caring for a loved one and those who are just plain curious about the disease. A cancer discussion group connects those with shared experience for support and inspiration. At TreatmentDiaries participation is anonymous, intimate and free providing a great opportunity for those seeking a discussion group focused on cancer.

TreatmentDiaries is a place where a discussion around cancer is captured in private diaries and shared in a group setting. Your privacy is important to us and providing support when you need it most is our goal. Registering is easy, support for any type of cancer is available and your discussion, either anonymously or in a group, belongs to you. Join today to read the diaries of others or start your own.


“I have been searching for a discussion group where I felt welcome – TD answered this need.”JVN “Support for cancer is often a private experience. I’m so glad I found TD.”RTG
“I never thought a discussion group could help me deal with my cancer – I was wrong.”TTI “Cancer can be isolating, connecting with a discussion group helps.”OPL
“My cancer discussion group on TD is my family.”FED “Being anonymous to my cancer discussion group has made the support even better.”WCO
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