Juvenile Arthritis

Are you a teen living with juvenile arthritis? For teens, a life with juvenile arthritis causes emotional and mental trials, on top of the physical strain of living with the disease. It’s difficult for you to find the support you need; how do you find someone who understands the daily pain and frustrations which come with juvenile arthritis? Treatment Diaries serves the needs of those newly diagnosed, those living with juvenile arthritis and related conditions, those caring for a loved one, as well as those who are just plain curious.

TreatmentDiaries encourages you to participate with the freedom to express any concerns, questions or fears that you may not be comfortable expressing out loud or to those you know. What makes Treatment Diaries special for teens like you? It is the privacy to vent about your life with juvenile arthritis by journaling your thoughts and experiences in an anonymous environment, where everyone else is near your age and lives it too. Join today…it’s free and always private. Your diary…shared healing.


“My friends don’t understand a life with juvenile arthritis – I need to connect with other teens like me.”Johnny “I struggle with my juvenile arthritis and need to vent with those who can relate.”Mandy
“It’s hard for me explain, but connecting with other kids with juvenile arthritis makes me feel better.”Dirk “I was diagnosed at 7 with Polyarticular JIA, now I am 14 and sharing on TD helps.”Luke
“My friends on TD are the best. We all have juvenile arthritis along with related conditions and together we have fun sharing in our diaries.”Jessica “Being anonymous helps me share more about my condition. I like having a private place to connect and share with other teens.”Wyatt
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