Living with a Rare Disorder

Are you living with a rare disorder or caring for a loved one who is? Rare disorders affect nearly 31 million people across world and span over 7,000 types of disorders. A rare disorder is one that affects fewer than 200,000 people and while the individual is impacted directly, many others share their journey. It can be difficult to find support for individuals with rare disorders who face similar circumstances amidst the demands of life and the struggles that come with being considered rare in the world of illness. Where can you go to learn from individuals who really understand what you're facing with a rare disorder while remaining private about life’s circumstances? Treatment Diaries meets you at the crossroads of social and health, providing a safe and completely private experience, with the support you need most from the people who understand you best!


“As a caregiver to a child with a rare disorder, Td give me a place to share my story and learn from others.”Cynthia “A rare disorder truly touches the entire family – everyone needs support.”Helen
“My child is newly diagnosed with a rare disorder. The anonymous support on TD helps.”Mindy “My world was turned upside down with this diagnosis. Telling my story is great therapy.”Jenn
“My TD family gets me through the tough days and gives me hope!”Wendy “I’m learning how to best care for my child through the stories of others!”Chad
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