Melanoma is by far the deadliest form of skin cancer. While awareness for early detection of melanoma is improving, many continue to discount the severity of melanoma if left unnoticed. A diagnosis of melanoma will likely lead you to look for others who share your condition. Connecting with those affected by melanoma is critical to exchanging concerns and melanoma related treatment insight. In fact, there are many melanoma treatment approaches and sharing with those who can relate provides peace of mind. Making friends with patients and caregivers touched by melanoma, offers a sense of comfort in navigating this complex journey.

Through the support of, those with melanoma can express themselves in a safe, anonymous and trusted environment. Taking charge of a melanoma treatment plan through the support of others is available; connecting and sharing with those who understand melanoma makes a difference.


“Just want to share my melanoma experience and encourage all of you to have your skin checked each year. It could save your life.”LIH “Tomorrow I start my Interferon treatment for Melanoma; it’s good to have someone to share with.”AOS
“Got my results yesterday and it's melanoma; I’m so scared and looking for support.”SNC “Even though I beat my melanoma two years ago, I still worry about it every day.”HON
“I have melanoma stage III and live in the UK; my doctor has told me there are no treatment options. Anyone have any guidance in other countries to share?”KTH “My daughter is 6 and has melanoma; it has turned our lives upside down. I am a caregiver looking for support.”TTF
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