How is stuff organized on TD?

Pretty simply, here are the basics from left to right using the teal colored menu bar:

HOME: This is your personal view of Treatment Diaries; the place where you can view the most recent diary entries, quickly link to your wall, add conditions, navigate to your connections, view latest logins and scribble in your connection’s diaries.

MY DIARY: Keep a diary tracking your treatment, exercise, medicines you take and other important information. You can tag your entries for easy retrieval at a later date and to aid others when looking for information. Every time you write in your diary you can decide whether to leave it UNLOCKED (for others to read) or to LOCK it up and keep in private! Anyone can read your UNLOCKED entries and they can scribble (comment) as well, unless you block them.

MY CONNECTIONS: This is where you can view and manage your 'Connections' and quickly navigate to anyone you are connected with.  You can also remove connections by clicking on the ‘x’ next to their screen name.  Do you need to find someone and know the partial or full spelling on their screen name? You’re in luck; by providing at least one of the letters or numbers in their screen name, you can search and connect with anyone on TD – you don’t even have to be registered for the same condition.

MY CONDITIONS’ ENTRIES: This page shows all of the latest entries related to the conditions that matter most to you. Using the "My Account" page you can manage the conditions in which you are most interested. We allow you to have up to a maximum of 20 conditions associated to your account. You can filter by condition and view the diary entries specific to a condition.

SEARCH: This is where you can search through all diary entries and scribbles related to your own diary, your conditions and your connections. By typing a key word or partial spelling and selecting search, any diary entry containing a match will be returned. By selecting ‘view’, you can review the associated diary entry and navigate to the user wall for more information and to connect directly to the user and or condition.

ADD CONDITION: Adding a condition is easy! If you only know the first letter - just click on it and hit search. We will return all of the conditions starting with the letter you requested. You can also type a partial spelling or the correct spelling and hit search. If you don’t find what you are looking for, click on the ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page, complete the form and we will add it!

Here are some more quick tips:

User Wall: You can click on the "screen name" of any user to view their wall. Here you will find their user bio and any information they have made public. In addition, all of the user’s PUBLIC diary entries are here as well.

Condition Wall: You can also click on any "condition" name, anywhere on the site, and you will be taken to the condition home page for that particular condition. Here you will find the latest diary entries related only to the condition you chose.

Quick Links: Located on your HOME page, these links help you navigate quickly to useful items.

  • My Account: This is where you will manage your account information.
  • • You can change the default icon to match your personality by selecting ‘change icon’. There are many, many to choose from.
  • • Create a bio which will be posted on your wall so others can get to know you a bit better.
  • • Change your password and choose to make your personal information public - you are completely anonymous by default unless you choose to make yourself known.
  • • Add or delete can register for a maximum of 20 conditions.
  • • Manage your notifications – by default we keep you up to date on the activities surrounding your diary and shared healing.
  • • Manage your "Connections" - You can review, remove and navigate to your connections.
  • Add Condition: This link takes you to the condition page where you can search for and add new conditions.
  • My Connections: Users you are currently connected to. Click on the name and visit their wall, leave a private note, scribble in their diary or just peruse their entries.
  • My Wall: This is your space and your diaries. You will find private notes and prior diary entries along with scribbles from other users.

Here are some icons we use and what they mean:

  • locked - Diary entry is LOCKED - nobody else can read it!
  • unlocked - Diary entry is UNLOCKED - everyone can read it!
  • locked -Block User - user can no longer scribble in your diary.
  • unlocked -Add connection to user.
  • locked - Remove condition from your account.
  • unlocked - Give a star and show your support for a diary entry.

These symbols can be included in diary entries and scribbles by typing the following:

  • locked <3 (Heart)
  • unlocked :-) (Happy)
  • locked :-( (Sad)
  • unlocked ;-) (Wink)
How do I make connections?
Go to "my conditions' entries" page and read the entries and scribbles of people who have like conditions. Click on the green plus symbol next to a person's screen name to add them as a connection. You can also add connections from the condition wall by clicking on a condition, viewing the screen names on the left hand column, clicking on a screen name and selecting “add connection” above the screen name.
How do I connect with someone who has not started a diary?
Click on a screen name which will take you to the user’s wall. The status box at the top provides an area for scribbling a private note to the user. This note will be shared between you and the user and will not be visible to any other user. You many also receive private notes on your own wall. Alerts are provided which will take you to the note and allow you to respond.
How do I keep people from nosing around my diary or scribbling on my entries?
When you create a diary entry, you can choose to LOCK or UNLOCK the entry. If you LOCK the entry, nobody will be able to read the entry; if you UNLOCK the entry, then everybody can read it. After all, it’s your diary so privacy and control is up to you!
Why can’t I fix or change something in my entry?
Our white out is all dried up. If you mess up, rewrite it as a new entry and erase the diary entry that is incorrect.
What gives? I want to find medical information.
Sorry, that’s what makes our site so unique. It’s real information from real people.
How do I delete my account?
Just as you would destroy a diary, light a match and let it roar. Okay, don’t do that. Send a message to and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll miss you though!