Native American Health

Are you a Native America with a chronic illness or caring for a loved one who is? Native Americans face persistent disparities in health and healthcare, including unequal disease problems and significant obstacles to obtaining care. Native health needs are unique and it can be difficult to find support. Where can you go to learn from individuals who really understand what you're facing as a Native American while remaining private about life’s circumstances? Treatment Diaries meets Native Americans at the crossroads of social and health; providing a safe and completely private experience, with the support you need most from the people who understand you best!


“I am a Native American caregiver. I can privately share my story on Td and learn from others.”MO “Diabetes runs in my family and until Td, support was hard to find.”Native in need
“I struggled with mental health issues. Telling my story is great therapy.”Mandy “My child is newly diagnosed with cancer. The anonymous support on TD helps.”Lynn
“My TD family gets me through the tough days and gives me hope!”Cynthia “I’m learning how to best care for myself through the stories of others!”Chad
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