Treatment Diaries Sponsorship Opportunities

At Treatment Diaries we want our community, which consists of those affected by chronic illness, mental health, rare diseases, and the role of caregiving along with life changing experiences to have access to great resources.
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Make Sure They Know About Your Resource
  1. Would they benefit from your organization or product?.
  2. Choose the location you serve and the illness you support.
  3. Let them know how you can help.
Finding Products that make Life Easier
  1. Resources are vital to those who are affected by illness.
  2. Share those things about your product which make a difference.
  3. We want our community to find great products and benefit from your services.
It's not about the Money!
  1. Non-profits are listed at no charge.
  2. Share your resource a month at a time.
  3. Adjust your offering, incentives and URL anytime.

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